When we started out as little radio pirates back in 1996 Big Media looked pretty big already (check this out in the first few minutes of Pirate Radio USA for free @ www.bside.com) but now it’s even bigger. In 2007, just NINE media conglomerates– Disney, CBS, Time Warner, News Corp, Bertelsmann AG, Viacom, General Electric and Vivendi SA– own more than 90% of the media market.

But for every action, though, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In the process of documenting the pirate radio movement in our film, we captured a larger movement afoot we were part of the rise of citizen media in the USA. Regular people sick of the mass(ive) media, decided to make an end run around them creating their own media and taking it to their audience with sweat equity and available technology. From the Internet and Indymedia to the rise of the Blogosphere and Low Powered FM, citizen media has risen to encounter the media powers that be.

This is also happening with documentary films controversial material that once could never hope for distribution by big film and theatre chains (like the underground world of pirate radio) now have alternative distribution channels like we’ve found with B-Side Entertainment, who is helping us offer Pirate Radio USA directly to the public via copy protection free downloads (www.bside.com/films/pirateradiousa).

And very soon a series of grassroots screenings to bring us (and many other films) directly to cities and people across the country says the battle between Big Media and small is really just beginning and let me say right now, I’m betting on the little guy.