Pirate Radio USA is a feature length digital documentary about the underground world of illegal radio in America, where people play what they want and say what they want–unless the FCC catches them… DJ’s Him and Her, from their live Pirate Radio USA Studio, take you on a rock -n-roll journey inside rogue radio stations across the country to see why Americans defy Federal Law to free the radio airwaves.

On the way see the rise of Big Media, the growth of Citizen Media to encounter it, and witness their showdown over the truth during the 1999 World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle. Pirate Radio USA was broadcast (or really microcast) with a 4 watt transmitter live, as an uninterrupted radio program. The effect will be to ‘see’ a live pirate radio microcast about pirate radio: a first.

See the battle to free the airwaves live–and find out the real price of freedom. It’s not about Left vs. Right, it’s about Big vs. Small.

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