FCC Hearings happened here in Seattle Friday–and wow, what a turnout!

Over 800 people showed up, packing the hall, staying till after midnight to near uniformly testify against FCC plans to lift the media cross ownership ban.

FCC Councilman Michael Copps rocked the house, bemoaning the lack of hearing notice and hip checking FCC Chairman Martin’s last minute attempt to let Big Media get Bigger. Unfortunately, the board’s GOP tilt means Chairman Martin may well have the last say, regardless of what the people, or the facts say.

An FCC engineer on hand I spoke with marveled at the crowd, telling me it was the biggest crowd he had ever seen testifying before the FCC. Even the Governor spoke, and it all made front page news.

I testified too, to remind the commissioners, regardless of what they decide, that people are already doing something about big media being awful: making their own media. You can check out my speech, and everyone else’s on Pacifica, who broadcast the whole thing, live.

And now Congress is getting into the act, with the Senate threatening to take action to cut the FCC off at the pass.

Even mainstream media is beginning to admit the downside to increasingly homogenized media.

Round one for us, but the fight continues…. stay tuned…..