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Austin Chronicle Review - 10/20/2006

Austin Chronicle Review – 10/20/2006

From The Image Formed Previewing the 12th Austin Film Festival BY BELINDA ACOSTA Pirate Radio USA D: Jeff Pearson, Mary Jones Driven by the ingenuity that DIY conditions demand, this subversively cheery documentary gives an A-to-Z primer on low-power radio broadcasting. But as the filmmakers would readily admit, they are not out merely to...
Alarm Review - 6/19/2007

Alarm Review – 6/19/2007

From Alarm Press: Those interested in fighting for their right to microbroadcast over the radio airwaves should take some pointers from Frank Luntz. The unfortunately named Luntz is ironically the Republican political consultant responsible for so skillfully massaging “estate tax” into “death tax,” “oil drilling” into “energy exploration,” and “global warming” into “climate change.” The...
Mediageek Radio Interview - 11/25/05

Mediageek Radio Interview – 11/25/05

Listen to the radio interview with Jeff and Mary here. Pirate Radio USA is a new documentary by DJ Him and DJ Her, who both have experiences in the Seattle pirate scene going back more than seven years. In this week’s feature interview, DJs Her and Him tell us about their experiences in unlicensed broadcasting,...